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Chemical: Glufosinate-ammonium

Use category: Herbicide
Content & formulation: Glufosinate-ammonium 95% TC, glufosinate-ammonium 200g/L SL


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Common name glufosinate-ammonium

IUPAC name ammonium 4-[hydroxy(methyl)phosphinoyl]-DL-homoalaninate; ammonium DL-homoalanin-4-yl(methyl)phosphinate 

Chemical Abstracts name ammonium (?-2-amino-4-(hydroxymethylphosphinyl)butanoate 

CAS RN [77182-82-2] unstated stereochemistry

Mol. wt. 198.2 

M.f. C5H15N2O4P 

Form Crystalline solid, with a slightly pungent odour. 

M.p. 215  

V.p. <0.1 mPa (20 ) 

KOW logP <0.1 (pH 7, 22 ) 

Henry 4.48 ´ 10-9 Pa m3 mol-1 (calc.) 

S.g./density 1.4 (20 ) 

Solubility In water 1370 g/l (22 ). In acetone 0.16, ethanol 0.65, ethyl acetate 0.14, toluene 0.14, hexane 0.2 (all in g/l, 20 ). 

Mode of action

Non-selective contact herbicide with some systemic action. Translocation occurs only within leaves, predominantly from the leaf base to the leaf tip. 

Uses Glufosinate-ammonium is used for control of a wide range of annual and perennial broad-leaved weeds and grasses


Specifications for glufosinate 95%TC

Appearance: White powder
A.I.Content: ≥95%
Water: ≤0.5%
NaCl Content: ≤1.0%
Loss on drying: ≤1.0%

Specifications for glufosinate 200g/l SL
Appearance: Homogenous liquid
A.I.Content: ≥20%
Suspension: ≥70%
Water content: ≤1.0%


Packaging :

Liquid: 200L, 20L/Drum, 1L, 500mL/bottle or according to the client's requirements. 
Solid: 25kg/fiber drum, 25kg/bag, 1kg, 500g/aluminium foil bag or according to the client's requirements.

Shipping: According to order's quantity