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Chinese Ministry of Agriculture promoting straw utilization

Source:AgroPages.comRelease date:2015/10/23been 726 People browse

A few days ago, Chinese Ministry of Agriculture requested comprehensive utilization of straw, encouraging local agricultural administration departments to unite industries and farmers for cooperation in utilization of straw in various ways as reasonable to ensure the straw utilization rate to reach 85% by 2020.
Straw is an important agricultural resource. Utilization of straw is beneficial to a cycled agricultural development in an environment-friendly manner and is helpful to raising soil fertility so as to improve quality of cultivated land. As a large agricultural country, China has about 700 million tons of straw to be treated each year. At present, burning is the most common way to treat straw in China, which does not utilize the usable value of straw, but causes impact to environment and potential risk to safety. 
To recover straw in large area and make use of straw provides a business opportunity. Recently Loveland Products launched a new product for treatment of crop stubble - Extract PBA, as being based upon the company’s chemical catalyst Accomplish LM, which can speed up the decomposition of crop stubble and maximize the release of nutrients from crop stubble. The released nutrients will get back to soil to facilitate the crop growth in the next sowing season. The product is expected to have promising market potentials and application prospects.